Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Spring 2018: Week 5

This week, our team gave our first presentation for the second semester of our project. Our team hopes to accomplish the build of 3 fully functioning prototypes by the end of this semester. So far, our team is on track for accomplishing this goal. The presentation slides can be found below.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring 2018: Week 4

Our team focused on the new motor and gear design this week needed for the thinner bogie. Our team decided to go with a bevel gear design which will allow us to rotate the motor by 90 degrees. This will allow us to greatly decrease the width of the master system along with bringing the drive wheels much closer together. The new design will allow our team to get rid of the second motor as the wheels should now be close enough together that the difference in wheel speed is negligible during a turning section of the track. An image of our CAD model including the bevel gear system is shown below.

Spring 2018: Week 3

In order to satisfy the new constraints set by the new 1.5 inch wide track, our team had to redesign our slave and master system for our bogie. This decrease in width will also decrease the switching gap when changing directions on the track. With this, the 3D printing time of our bogie was greatly reduced which will save PLA material for printing other miscellaneous parts of our bogie system. An image of the new switching distance is shown below. This new distance is just under 6 inches long.

Spring 2018: Week 2

This week, our team gave a short lightning talk concerning our goals for this semester. Thankfully, our team was able to reduce our project's cost to under $300. With this, our team was given the green light to begin creating our new iteration of our bogie. Our presentation slides can be found below.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Week 17: We're Back!

After a long Winter Break, the Small Scale Bogie team is back and refreshed to start creating and testing the bogie. The first meeting of the Spring semester was primarily used to meet up with all the small-scale subgroups and optimize our bill of materials. The Spartan Superway shop has many components and materials that were purchased from previous teams that need to be accounted for within the Bill of Materials. This allows us to use the funding we received efficiently. Lastly, we decided on the final configuration and specifications for the project. For the small-scale bogie, the width needs to be reduced to reliably switch tracks. With all of the configurations finalized, everyone can have the green light to start purchasing materials and building the designs.

We as the small-scale bogie team need to be diligent in finalizing our bogie design as the track team needs to know the width of our bogie.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Week 16: Final Presentation

This week, our team gave our final presentation which can be found below. Our presentation outlined what our team has accomplished this semester along with our future plans for next semester. Our team has accomplished all of the goals that we set for ourselves at the beginning of this semester except for the implementation of our switching arm on the master system. Regardless, our bogie integrated smoothly with the new straight track section and moves under its own power without binding.

Week 15: Our Plans For Next Semester

Our team has accomplished everything that we set out to achieve at the beginning of this semester except for finalizing our bogie's switching arm. Our team created a Gantt chart for our early plans for next semester as shown below. We plan on finalizing our switching arm calculations in order to determine which material we will need to use for our switching arm.
We have decided that using a material such as aluminum will benefit our project greatly as our team will not need to add a second switching arm to our master system.