Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hello! We are Izzat Halabi and Bryne Jocson; and we are the 2017-2018 12th scale bogie team. As a team, we exchanged emails and phone numbers and discussed our availability to work on this senior project. Our 12th-scale bogie team met briefly to discuss our upcoming presentation. We went over which topics were to be covered in detail by each team member. Additionally, we discussed every aspect of the presentation to ensure that the entire presentation flows seamlessly without any abrupt transitions. Our presentation will use the assertion evidence method as previously used by the Spartan Superway team. We also used our meeting time to briefly go over what is required for using the assertion evidence method to ensure our presentation follows all of the guidelines required for this senior project class section.

We will work tirelessly into creating an efficient system of bogies that can translate into the full scale design.