Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Week 17: We're Back!

After a long Winter Break, the Small Scale Bogie team is back and refreshed to start creating and testing the bogie. The first meeting of the Spring semester was primarily used to meet up with all the small-scale subgroups and optimize our bill of materials. The Spartan Superway shop has many components and materials that were purchased from previous teams that need to be accounted for within the Bill of Materials. This allows us to use the funding we received efficiently. Lastly, we decided on the final configuration and specifications for the project. For the small-scale bogie, the width needs to be reduced to reliably switch tracks. With all of the configurations finalized, everyone can have the green light to start purchasing materials and building the designs.

We as the small-scale bogie team need to be diligent in finalizing our bogie design as the track team needs to know the width of our bogie.

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